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I am Henning Hansen.
Interior / Designer.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

More About Me.

I am an interior designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Educated at Skolen for Boligindretning (Danish Design School) in 1987, I have had the privilege of being employed at a number of studios in various countries. Here I have worked with professionals from different cultures and professions.
I am connected to Evenden ApS. We are concept architects, developing shopping centres in many European countries. Evenden provides final solutions to master planning, facade design, interior design, signage and graphics, as well as the design of custom fittings and furniture.

In my work, I use:

AutoCad, 3DS Max, Google SketchUp, Adobe CS, Microsoft Office and other software


2017: Evenden ApS, Copenhagen. Denmark

2015: Standard Systemer ApS, Copenhagen. Denmark

2007 - 2014: Evenden ApS, Copenhagen. Denmark

1999 - 2007: Martela A/S, Copenhagen. Denmark

1998 - 1999: Lena Bjerres Tegnestue, Copenhagen. Denmark

1993 - 1998: Engineer's Office, Design Division, Dubai

1992 - 1993: Lena Bjerres Tegnestue, Copenhagen. Denmark

1989 - 1992: BOAB Arkitektgrupp AB, Malmö. Sweden

1987 - 1988: Swedish Design AB, Dubai


I've Got Some Skills.

Over the years, I have aquired a great deal of skills, technical as well as creative. The technical skills are listed below, and are an assumed value on my behalf. They will never reach 100%, since there always will be something to learn in any category ("you live as long as you learn").
With regards to creativeness, I have developed skills within various fields: interior design, furniture design, graphics, signage and master planning, to name a few.
Management has been part of my work at a number of employments, where I have been Project Manager or Studio Manager.

  • 90%
  • 85%
    Adobe CS
  • 70%
    3DS Max
  • 90%
    Google SketchUp
  • 75%
    Microsoft Office
  • 45%
    HTML & CSS

Career and Education

Selected Credentials.

I have had the privilege of being employed at various studios in different countries. Here I worked on many different projects.


2007-2014, 2017.

Evenden ApS, Copenhagen. Denmark

Studio Manager and Project Designer

From 2007 until 2014 and again in 2017, I worked on a number of shopping centres in different countries.

I was employed as Studio Manager and oversaw the work, as well as participating in the design process. We worked closely with Inter IKEA Centre Group, Steen & Strøm, A. Enggaard A/S and Braaten+Pedersen.
Architects on the projects were, amongst others, 3XN, SHL, Aarhus Arkitekterne, C.F. Møller, ABAKO, Arkus Architects & Studio Quadra.The work included master planning, facade design, interior design, signage and graphics design, as well as the design of custom made furniture and fixtures.


Martela A/S, Copenhagen. Denmark

Studio Manager

At Martela A/S, there were several corporate clients, amongst others: Nokia, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen Municipality and many more in Denmark.
We furnished and designed a great number of offices in various sizes, as well as auditoriums, canteens, libraries and other areas.


Engineer's Office, Design Division. Dubai

Project Designer

My 2nd time in Dubai, I was employed as furniture designer on a project in the UK. The company had it's own joinery, where furniture in many sizes were manufactured.

I became Project Designer and had responsibility at many projects which involved site supervision, furniture production, purchasing and design work.
I was involved in two prestigious hotel projects: Hilton Beach Club and Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Here I designed a number of spaces with high significance, such as Royal and Presidential suites.

At Emirates Airlines Training Centre, I designed areas of significance, such as the Entrance Area, CEO Office and the Auditorium.



Danish Design School

Interior Designer

I graduated from Skolen for Boligindretning (Danish Design School) in 1987.




Over the years, I have participated in a number of courses arranged by my employers, which were:
AutoCad, 3DS Max, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Wordpress and HTML & CSS.


My Projects.

Over the years, I have worked on a vast variety of exciting and challenging projects. Emirates Golf Club, Emirates Airlines, IKEA, Nokia a.o.
Ranging from hotels over corporate headquarters to custom designed items. Cradle, Victory Podium, Palace Door Restoration a.o.

Shopping Centres

From 2007 until 2014, I have been working on a number of shopping centres in different countries. At Evenden ApS, I have been employed as Studio Manager and oversaw the work, as well as participating in the design process. Later, I was put in charge of Port Łódź. In Poland, where we worked closely with Inter IKEA Centre Group. Other projects in Denmark were in collaboration with Steen & Strøm, A. Enggaard A/S and Braaten+Pedersen, in Poland as well. In Sweden and Norway the projects were in collaboration with Steen & Strøm. Architects on the projects were, amongst others 3XN, SHL, Aarhus Arkitekterne, C.F. Møller, ABAKO, Arkus Architects & Studio Quadra.The work included master planning, facade design, interior design, signage and graphics design, as well as the design of furniture and fixtures. At Lena Bjerres Tegnestue we designed a great number of pharmacies all over Denmark. We designed all shop fittings and furniture, which was produced at Jørn Hansen A/S, Kolding and Unitar in Herning. At Lena Bjerre's Tegnestue, we also designed interiors for Jensens Bøfhus Restaurants.

Hotel & Resort

Hilton Beach Club was a five star resort at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. I designed a number of furniture pieces, and was part of the interior design team on this prestigeous project.
Emirates Towers is located at Sheikh Zayed Road and part of the high rise development off the World Trade Centre. At this project, I was involved in the design of De Luxe Rooms, corridors and in charge of the design of the Presidential Suite on the 48th floor as well as The Royal Suite on 51st floor. Most of the designs I did, was executed according to the working drawings included in the tender documents.
(some images by courtesy of Jumeirah Group Hotels)

Furniture, Reception Counters, Carpets

I have designed everything from cradles to juice bars and shop fittings. At several of my employments, we had our own carpentry where there was close cooperation with the craftsmen. At furniture production and office furniture production, I had close cooperation with cabinetmakers around the country. My colleagues and I, at Martela A/S, designed a work desk for Nokia inspired by beehives. This desk was patented and purchased in large numbers by Nokia and other companies. I also designed a great number of reception counters in my time at Martela A/S. These were often integrated with special designed storage and height adjustable work desks.


In the early days, I designed a number of Volvo showrooms in many countries. In the process I also made the illustrations for an internal Volvo catalogue, describing the right use and positioning of showroom furniture and fittings. In Dubai, I was part of the team responsible for the interior design of The Emirates Golf Club. At The Emirates Training Centre, I was the project designer and did the interior design of several areas. The areas which should have special treatment were the entrance area, the auditorium and the office of the CEO, which included an exhibition room and a kitchen. At Martela A/S, there were several corporate clients, and we furnished and designed a number of offices in various sizes.

Signage & Graphics

The design of signage has long been part of my duties. It is important that there is an immediate understanding of any signage. In addition, the location of the signs is very important These exercises are reviewed at each shopping centre project and the preparation of a signage manual with all descriptions with regards to pictograms, fonts, design and location. Graphics are an important communications tool in public areas and shopping centres. They indicate locations of specific spaces. Web design is an increasingly important field of work. I have been responsible for Evenden ApS web site for the past years. In recent years, I have also done lay outs for various printed matter. Such as flyers, brochures and book covers


The first major project I was part of, was a country estate in the UK. I oversaw the production of furniture in our own joinery, as well as designing a number of pieces myself. I had daily cooperation with the carpenters and other craftsmen, and got a deep insight into the workflow and level of detailing needed. Hereafter, I was doing the same exercise on a number of projects for the same client.

Facade Designs

At Evenden ApS, we were often asked to improve on proposed or existing facades. The facades often needed to be in line with changes in the interior design, when a centre had been expanded or in other ways modified. A city centre shopping mall did not attract customers, since the entrance was hard to find. Therefore the task was to emphasize the entrances and redesign the interior mall. At Torp in Sweden we designed a screen to cover the facades of a number of buildings with different architectural expressions. The buildings were to be unified to one shopping centre and needed to have a uniform and expressive facade.

Master Planning

Evenden ApS specialized in master planning of shopping centres as an integral part of the surrounding areas. The access roads for customers and supplies needed to be thoroughly thought through, since the centres often were situated in urban areas. Customer flow is another important matter when designing malls, it is crucial to study and implement the best possible solution at the given circumstances.


I have enjoyed doing renderings since the early days, where I used pen and air brush. Today I use various computer programmes. It has always been a passion of mine, to bring flat drawings to life by creating depth by various rendering techniques. I have rendered models of every size, from buildings to items. And I have used various programmes, such as Google Sketchup with plugins, AutoCad and 3DS Max.


At the inaugural race of The Dubai World Cup, I designed a victory podium and a temporary cabinet for the trophies awarded. The trophies, designed at Asprey's in London, were kept in the cabinet for some years until the present day museum was built. An old palace needed a restoration of the entrance doors, I undertook the work in collaboration with local craftsmen. At a newly built office, I designed the entrance canopy made of stretched fabric, in line with the roof material. At Evenden ApS, we designed a juicebar in corian with colour changing front, made from LED-lighting.

Site Work & Production

Since my first employment, I have been used to working closely with capenters and other craftsmen, in joineries and on building sites. At some employments, we have had our own joinery and close cooperation with other joineries and suppliers. At many of the later shopping centre projects, I have been Project Designer. Therefore I traveled a great deal, especially to Poland, where I attended many project meetings at Port Łódź. The project was executed in cooperation with Inter IKEA Centre Group. Other partners have been Steen & Strøm, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. As well as A.Enggaard and Braaten+Pedersen.

Offices & Auditoriums

At Martela A/S, we were priviliged to supply seating for a number of theatres and auditoriums. Holstebro Musikhus, Copenhagen University and OBH Engineering to name a few. Martela A/S also provided office furniture of great quality from suppliers such as Steelcase, Martela themselves as well as custom made furniture.

Rest Rooms

Rest Rooms are important in any shopping centre. Here it's possible to groom and be refreshed as well as taking care of children. All centres are equipped with a nursing room for children, the room should be equipped with all amenities necessary for taking care of young children and their older siblings.
I have also designed bathrooms at private residences, these were more elaborate and luxurious, however, the basics still remain the same.

Commercial Spaces

At DTU and Lena Bjerres Tegnestue, I had the opportunity to work on a number of designs and interiors for pharmacies around Denmark. Here we planned interiors and designed custom made furniture and fittings. Eveything was manufactured at Jørn Hansen A/S Carpentry in Kolding. We also designed Wiuff Bookstores, locally known for a close cooperation with artists and authors. At BOAB Arkitektgrupp AB in Malmö, Sweden, we designed a great number of Volvo showrooms around the world. In the process, I made some illustrations for an in-house Volvo sales manual.

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